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Emergency services

UC Davis Veterinary School
PESCM: Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of Marin

Poison information


Braces, wheels and slings

Hero Braces
Handicapped pets
K9 Carts

Training and licensing

Marin Humane Society
Sirius Dog training
Canine Behavior Associates

Pet Loss Support
UC Davis Pet Loss Support Hotline
(800) 565-1526 or (530) 752-4200
6:30pm-9:30pm PST Monday- Friday
Tufts University Pet Loss Support Hotline
(508) 839-7966
6pm-9pm EST Monday- Friday—Offers support for pet lovers grieving the death of a pet, a dying pet, sick pet, or lost pet with an open discussion forum and various publications.

Dental Resources

Veterinary Oral Health Council
Great resource for finding out if the treats you are giving do what they claim.


Parasite information

Has your pet been diagnosed with a parasite? Visit this website to find out more about the parasite and how your pet was exposed.

Nutrition information

Cat Nutrition handout
Dog nutrition handout
Custom home cooked diet help
Custom made and specialty diets for dogs: Just Food For Dogs

Vaccination information

UC Davis Vaccination Guidelines


Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire

For Vets

THE FMPI—Origins and Features

Cat Resources