Dr. Shay Redfield

Dr. Shay Redfield graduated from U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Since then she has worked in a variety of large clinics, practicing emergency medicine, critical care and general medicine. She has additional training in ultrasound and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Redfield worked emergency medicine for half of her career in Sacramento. She served as the Medical Director of two large, multi-doctor facilities in Chicago. Additionally, she was charged with managing interns at a large specialty hospital. She is now proud to be the independent owner of her own practice in Marin.

Her early education includes training as a veterinary technician and a diploma in animal behavior and training (including elephant training) — two fields she worked extensively in while pursuing her Doctorate at UCDavis.

Growing up in Australia, Dr. Shay Redfield began her life-long love of animals. Her first internship in high school was with a flying vet serving the outback. From bringing home strays to rescuing a koala from dogs or a kangaroo from the local library, Shay always thrived when animals needed help.

Dr. Shay Redfield loves being a veterinarian, and she strives to inspire the next generation. She is dedicated to helping animals at all life stages, but takes a particular interest in caring for aging pets. Additionally, she believes only in gentle animal handling and trains her staff in ways to reduce stress.

At home, Dr. Redfield and her husband Jason are the proud parents to two boys. Their house is full of love and life with Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, Valley and Jimmy Clifford, McNab collies, and two cats Juju and Luigi. She is honored to be serving the community in which she lives.

Rachel Owings, RVT

Rachel is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Since childhood, Rachel has had an innate love for animals and an interest in the sciences.

Growing up in Marin County, Rachel spent her young life taking care of dogs, horses, and tropical birds. Some of her first jobs include working on a ranch with horses, and caring for pets in various boarding facilities. Rachel began her veterinary career in 2011 as a kennel assistant, and was quickly promoted to a veterinary assistant later that year.

Rachel earned her Registered Veterinary Technician license in July of 2016, while working full-time as a Veterinary Assistant. She loves helping animals live longer, healthier lives. Her areas of special interests include, physical therapy, pain management and animal nutrition. Currently she is working towards credentials as a Nutritional Case Manager.

Rachel lives in Novato with her husband Bill, their young daughter Violet, a very large American Bulldog mix, a senior Chihuahua and a young rescue Chihuahua mix.
“My energy, drive, and above all, compassion are integral and evident in my daily duties and my love for my patients. Working with Dr. Redfield not only allows me to help animals, but also to connect to the people who love them.”

Denise La Brie

Denise is a California native of the Bay Area, who has now lived in Fairfax 25 years. She has a background working in healthcare administration. This is the first time she’s had the pleasure of working at a veterinary hospital, and is really enjoying being part of the WMPH team and working with Dr. Redfield and Rachel.

Denise loves dogs, even though she didn’t get her first dog until she was an adult. She has had a devoted canine companion ever since. She thinks, “All you need is love (and a dog)” is what The Beatles really meant.

Denise currently and happily shares her home with her cute little black dachshund mix Steinbeck. She and Steinbeck can often be spotted walking around Fairfax.