It is easy being green!

We are committed keeping our patients free from exposure to chemicals and toxic materials and doing our part to preserve the environment.

We feature the following eco-friendly designs:

Formaldehyde Free Cabinetry
Standard hospital cabinetry is constructed from boards of cancer causing formaldehyde. We took the extra steps necessary to make our cabinets completely organic and formaldehyde free, because your pet’s safety matters to us.

LED Lighting
Our entire hospital was designed with LED lights, cutting down electricity costs and helping the environment.

VOC Free Paints
Our wall paints are free of toxic Volatile Organic Compounds.

In House Recycling Program

Digital X-rays
Both our dental x-ray and full body x-ray systems are completely digital, eliminating the need to use hazardous chemicals used for film development.

Paper Free Medical Records
Our entire medical record system is computerized and paper free, saving 1000’s of trees. This system also allows our doctors and staff access to your pet’s records from any computer, meaning less wait time for you.